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Latest News

Nov. 2011
"Analytical Insights' Chief Scientist speaks at SIC2011 on Moneyball." more...

Jun. 2010
"Olly Downs interview with SemanticWeb.com." more...

Mar. 2005
"IDC Report on the effects of Predictive Analytics on ROI." more...

Feb. 2005
"What Does a PhD Mathematician Do in the Commercial World? Analytical Insights' Chief Scientist talks to PSCTM" more...




We specialize in applying abstract analytical ideas from mathematical, physical and statistical science to problems in the real world.

We excel in the use of client data to help make better strategic, operating, and investment decisions; including customer behavior prediction, time-series forecasting, segmentation and cross-sell/up-sell maximization.

The company also offers analytical services in mathematical and physical modeling; specializing in Quantum Computation and Machine Learning & Data Mining algorithm design and development.